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Picture Book Illustrations
Picture Book Illustrations

If you are publishing a picture book and looking for a top-notch illustrator, then you’ve come to the right place! Not only can we help you bring your vision to life with beautiful high-quality artistic illustrations, we have also provided a high – resolution images of the separate illustration with an exclusive commercial – license for you in our contract to use them anyway you wish in order to promote your book.

Animation Concept Art

At Folktales Art House, we understand the importance of delivering innovative, creative and high – quality art asset that are true to our client’s vision. Our expert teams are adept at creating concepts for character and environment designs that will give your project depth and help establish its aesthetic identity.

Custom Illustration

Unique illustrations and patterns for your products/services and promotional needs. You can use these illustrations/patterns on posters, cards, tote bage, fabric, packaging and much more. The package includes files for print and web, as well as single PND elements to combine and use in diverse ways (promotional images on Instagrams, sale banner,…).

Potrait Illustration

Our custom portraits of people are created to capture personality! These depictions are versatile and can be used on social media, business cards, wedding invites, greeting cards and your website.

Packaging Illustration

A stunning packaging design adds value to products, tells its story and helps consumers in experiencing the product well before it’s acctually tasted. We create packaging and branded box designs based on a concept, based on a story, and so the story goes.

Editorial Illustration

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Sometimes written words are not enough to get your ideas acros to your audience. The editorial illustration service from Folktales Art House is perfectly suited to create professional quality illustration for your paper.

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