The Nomadic Wolf Series

Author: Raquel Gonzales Scott

The Nomadic Wolf Series on W.B.Tyler Books (Read the full article here)


Enjoy the creativity, take your time,

and expect the unexpected.  

"Prior to writing my complete manuscript, I sought out an illustrator who would capture the characteristic of my mischievous husky. Self-Illustration was an option, however, I chose to hire Folktale Art House because of the elaborate features of their illustrations. Hiring Folktales Art House, I knew my manuscript would be illustrated in a creative dimension that would capture the adventures Natalie and I have. The most enjoyable and gratifying part of creating my first book is the collaboration in the development in the artwork and the colors allowing me to reminisce on memories I experienced. Patience and time have paid dividend with art development. The results of the artwork are simply wonderful."

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